Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Road Ahead

September 28, 2016
   I didn't want to get up early today.  I wanted to lounge around and wake up on my own, but I forced myself up and out the door at 6:15, and caught this wonderful Monsoon Morning Madness, with a storm rolling in and the sun coming up, creating all sorts of spectacular effects in every direction. Here's the view to the north:

"The Road Ahead"

And to the west:

"View to The West"

and off to the east as well:

"Storm to the East"

As I told Linda Stewart, a fellow desert rat and photographer who lives to the west of me, this could be my life's motto:

"Get up early, go outside and look up. You will often be surprised at what greets you."
—BBB Mantra

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