Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cave Creek Is Rippin' And Head Scarf Boy Is Trippin'

January 21, 2017
   Woke up this morning about six and heard the ominous roar outside. After almost 12 hours of rain I could hear it:

Cave Creek Rippin'
And here's some video of it:

   According to my neighbor Tom Augherton, the CFS (cubic feet per second) was down to about 600, after a high of 1,400 last night. In 2010, the CFS hit 45,000 and Cave Creek overran it's banks and spread out all the way to the cave. Back in 1993 it was even worse, and somewhere I have video of this.

Storm Clouds Over Elephant Butte

Cactus Storm

Kathy With Head Scarf Boy

   Hey, my ears were cold! Photo by Tom Augherton.

"It's raining cats and dogs out. I know this 'cause I just stepped on a poodle."
—Old Corny Joke


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