Thursday, January 05, 2017

Purple Sage Studies for Riders of The Purple Sage TW Cover

January 5, 2017
   Working on purple sage as it relates to Zane Grey's seminal title: "Riders of The Purple Sage." We're doing a feature on the best-selling book and the fact that it's being made into an opera. Funny that our younger staff members (including our 55-year-old publisher!) think the musical group of the same name, is where the title came from. Yikes! Getting old, Man. Getting old.

Daily Whip Out: "Purple Sage Study No. 6"

Here's how it might play as background on a proposed cover idea:

Daily Whip Out: "Purple Sage Study No. 7"

The trick will be to combine the purple sage, above, with this sketch:

Daily Whip Out: "Rider of Purple Sage Sketch No. 12"

And here is Dan The Man's cover layout utilizing the two design elements:

Unfinished Cover Rough FPO (for position only)

"Purple Haze sounding like TV. . ."
—Neil Young, "My Pledge"

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