Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sharing My Studio With A Master

January 1, 2017
   We had a very nice visit from Weston and his family this last week. His parents had reservations at the Camelback Inn so they left the lad with grandpa and grandma Ha ha, as we are known to the boy.

Weston and his parents enjoyed the Arizona sun (they live in Seattle).

   Not long after they arrived, Weston sat in his favorite little chair and watched as his parents abandoned him for three whole days.

Bye bye, Mama and Papa. It's been nice knowing you.

   Once his parents were out of the picture, I drove the little guy pretty hard, kicking him out of bed at 6:30 every morning to build a fire in my studio stove:

Weston learned to use a bellows to stoke the stove fire.

And then I had him wash all the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink:

Weston does his best pearl diver imitation.

   Child Protection Services may have a limit on how much garbage a little boy can haul out to the curb, but it never even phased me, because we don't have curb and gutter out where we live.

Weston hauls out a ton of garbage to the end of the driveway.

Sure, it was heavy but how are they going to learn?

"He Man" Weston admiring his handyman work.

Weston watching the garbage truck closely to make sure he picked up both cans
and that the driver honked his horn, more than once.

   Then it was back to the studio to make sure he got in some serious painting:

Weston's first Daily Whip Out on Christmas Day. He did five paintings in all.

   And after a session of painting, Weston joined me as we drove up to Z's Asian Fusion in Cave Creek for a little takeout lunch.

Weston scores with Asian beauty

   He's gone home now, but I sure miss my studio partner. He was a fearless painter and I admire his approach and his skills.

"It took me 80 years to learn to paint like a child."
—Pablo Picasso

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