Monday, January 02, 2017

Confessions of A Taskmaster Grandfather

January 2, 2017
   Sometimes I worry that I didn't push my kids hard enough. Other times I worry that I pushed them too hard. I guess the bottom line is even an ex-Lutheran can find almost any excuse to feel guilty.

   That said, when my grandson was in town for the holidays, I pushed him hard. First off, I demanded that he do 100 reps of weight lift training every morning:

Weston The Weight Lifter

   Full disclosure: I think he did, perhaps, one rep, but I can't completely vouch for that. Okay, he did half a rep. Are you happy?

Weston The Branch Dragger

What can I say, the kid loves to drag branches all over the place, just like last year and probably next year.

Weston The Crow's Nest Climber

   Weston liked it that Grandpa has a Crow's Nest in his studio. Here he is coming up from below grandpa who is steadying the ladder for him. I'm not sure he enjoyed the view up there like his mama and papa did, but he sure liked the climb. It's the journey, you know

Weston The Tree Climber

   If there's one thing that kids like to do, it's climb stuff.

Weston The Gila Monster Climber

   This is a great slide up at the Carefree Town Center where we took Weston when he got bored with climbing all the stuff at our house.

Weston The Abstract Expressionist

   Of course, the main task was to get in some serious painting every day, and that I did mange to do with the boy. He's got bold ideas of how paint should go on and I must say I learned a thing or two from his mixing philosophy: squeeze as much out as you can and don't be shy about mixing right on top of other colors!

Mister Toilet Head

   At the end of the day, we like to laugh at the Triple B Ranch and we try to train them young. I think he will be fine, in the laughing department.

   That's it. That's my confession.

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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