Friday, April 13, 2018

Back Page Memories

April 13, 2018
   No matter how bad your weekend is shaping up, just be glad you are not part owner of The Back Page:

My old friend, Jim Larkin will be in federal custody thru the weekend. My former editor at New Times, Mike Lacey, is supposed to be released today. Both were arrested a week ago today, when the feds raided their homes. Lacey was supposedly getting married the next day at his canyon mansion in Sedona, when the Feds pounced, and Larkin's home in Phoenix was also raided. Scott Speare (former co-owner of World Records) has also been indicted, facing 78 counts of facilitation of sex trafficking. Lacey faces 79 counts, while Larkin faces 70, and their counts includes money laundering and conspiracy. 

With the CEO, Carl Ferrer, pleading guilty and turning states evidence for a five year prison term, my source tells me the boys will get "three to five times as much prison time"!

BBP (Before Back Page): The New Times crew in happier times, Christmas 1978. That's Lacey, second from right and Larkin third from right. The guy in the hat feels bad for them, but one of his friends is a little bitter:

   "Not once did either Jim or Mike ever offer to let me in on their online vagina rental business."
—Wonderful Russ


  1. The past gets colorful

  2. I just learned that you came-out the winner of a recent 'event' & am here to Cheer! I'd been gMailing you at True West -& hope you don't mind a few 'Typos' but if so, I hope the Tintype Images make-up for those, altogether (smile). I'll continue to send you My Favorites of those images.. & probably 'throw-in' a few more 'Typo's' along with them, for good measure. Congratulations on your Recent Win ! -Blue.

  3. Man, I thought they had dodged that bullet a few years ago! Sorry to hear it. Hoping for some good news for them.


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