Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Eyes Are Up Here And Other Bits of Weird Wisdom for These Weird Times

April 26, 2018
   I read with tired alarm, the other day, about some ridiculous development in Washington and the writer claimed that this was when "America went off the rails." Is that true? Have we gone off the rails?

"Go home, 2018, you're drunk."
—Jake Tapper

   As things get weirder and weirder, I find myself seeking out books that attempt to explain how we got here and why. Last night I started this book:

"The test of a good theory lies in its ability to explain the past, for only if it does can we trust what it may tell us about the future."
—John Lewis Gaddis, in his new book, "On Grand Strategy"

Daily Whip Out: "The Law In His Hands"

My Eyes Are Up Here
   In the Can't-Leave-Good-Enough-Alone Department, I grabbed a board from last week and gave it another pass. Changed the title, too. 

Daily Re-Whip Out: "My Eyes Are Up Here"

   Everything in this world tries to be round (including those overgrown ta tas, above), and I can't help but think that the more things change the more they remain the same. What appeared to be a progressive arc away from fascism has turned into a circle and here we are, back in the year 1939.

   "If you fail to prepare for all that might happen, you'll ensure that some of it will."
—John Lewis Gaddis

   Or, put in a more sarcastic way:

"It's a weird time, if you've noticed."
—Michelle Wolf

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  1. Sadly, mankind never has been good at learning from the past. Somehow any current generation thinks they can make the same past mistakes thinking they are smart enough to make it work this time.


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