Sunday, April 29, 2018

Doc On The Block

April 29, 2018
   For all of you who love Doc Holliday, here is a special offer. I've only got one each of the following art prints left, after our show in Tempe last weekend and they are $40 each, plus shipping. First come, etc:

"Doc's Last Gunfight #1"

"Doc's Last Gunfight #2"

"Doc's Last Gunfight #3"

"Doc's Last Gunfight #4"

"Doc And Wyatt: The Deadliest of Friends"

"The Walkdown"

"Doc Looms Large"

"Doc Spins Cup"

"This is funny."
—Doc's alleged last words

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  1. My "Fave" in this group of Art Prints is "Doc's Last Gunfight #4." The Hat, Gun, Edgy Attitude & Rich Mix of Colors bring a Tone Spectrum I can Almost Hear.. like his Tintypes, this image has a Lot To Say -& adds Another Chapter to His Story -Blue!


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