Sunday, April 08, 2018

The Reconnoiter

April 8, 2018
   Something the Top Secret Writer said to me in Albuquerque last week, has been nagging at me.

   I find myself on the back trail. It's familiar territory, although I have never found a way out of the box canyons. I do know one thing. 

   Others are on the trail.   

   High on a ridge, above the Bisti Badlands, Mickey Free peeks over the edge to calibrate the location of an enemy camp.

Daily Whip Out: "The Reconnoiter"

   I know this little scamp as well as anybody. I know what makes him tick, what he wants, what makes him laugh. Still. . .I feel boxed in.

"Mickey In Dust"

In the dusk of a dying day, I clearly see him, but I can't write down what he says. Why is that?

"Mickey Free Rides Out of The dust"

   Someday, maybe. . .

"I would rather have my own ignorance than another man's knowledge because I have got so much more of it."
—Mark Twain

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