Friday, April 27, 2018

When Tequila Talks, I Listen

April 27, 2018
   When tequila talks, it says to me, "Trust me, you are a really good dancer."

Don't mess with me, I can dance real good!

More Random Tequila Wisdom

"If I had a shot of tequila for every time I thought of you, I'd be sober."


 What Can Cosby Do Now?

"He can't do anything now except maybe run for president." 
—Trevor Noah.

   In Cave Creek in the old days, it was traditional to kill a snake before you went out with one.

"Deena On Her Prom Night"

"The first half of our lives is spent ignoring our parent's advice, and the second half in trying to keep our children from ignoring ours."
—Old Parental Saying


  1. Love old Scarface

  2. Is that Bob Boze or Thomas Bell?

  3. Well, it isn't Thomas Charles. But if his own mother can't tell the difference, Lord help us all. Ha.


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