Friday, April 27, 2018

There's Always One

April 27, 2018
   I keep a narrative clip book to inspire me. Because I'm a cartoonist, I am fascinated by the repetition of images and how they start to tell a story, even when they aren't intended for that purpose. One spread in my clip book in particular has intrigued me:

Narrative Clip File: The Power of Repetition

  This morning I took a crack at this idea, applying it to a concept I have for our upcoming In-din Humor issue. As I was sketching in the idea, my neighbor from down on the creek, Tom Augherton, wandered in and captured me in my studio, deep in the process:

"The Lonely Whip Out"

   And here is the sketch:

Daily Whip Out: "That's Not Funny"

   The premise is that in every tribe, including yours and mine, there's always one guy who doesn't get the joke.

   It's not quite there, but I am in the water. What to do next? I think Samuel has the answer:

"Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, try to fail better."
—Samuel Beckett

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  1. -Great Theme! Here's a Name that keeps repeating: Celia Ann Mattie Blaylock / Celia Ann Blaylock / Mattie Blaylock -who didn't want people to know her real 1'st name / Mattie Earp / Celia Ann Blaylock Earp -who's friends called her "Mattie" as a nickname / Mattie Blaylock -Wyatt Earp's 2'nd Wife / Mattie -a common "prostitute name" *Celia Ann Mattie Blaylock was actually 2 Female Friends who "Western History" rolled-into One! The 2 girls were unrelated -& both worked for Wyatt Earp prior to his meeting a 12 year old runaway who was calling herself "Sadie Mansfield" at the time. *More Later *Tintype Proof You can Use! -Blue.


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