Friday, February 07, 2020

A Wonderful New Find On Billy the Kid

February 7, 2020
   Thanks to an intrepid, young and up-coming historian out Australia way, we have a new insight into the Kid in the Santa Fe jail. James Mills was perusing online when he happened upon an article in the Las Vegas Daily Gazette, dated January 20, 1881.

   Somehow this article slipped by all of the noted Billy the Kid researchers from Mullin to Nolan, from Utley to Gardner. Here is the slug line of the piece:

   Yes, I know, you can't really read it, well, that is partly by design. You need to wait until you get your next issue of True West to see every word in all its glory. Here's a tease: when the Kid is asked if he is going to cash in on his fame, like Buffalo Bill, he says:

"There's no money in it."

—Billy the Kid

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