Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Grouper Girl And High Five Riders On Sandy Beach

February 22, 2020
   I'm doing a story that takes place in a Mexican border town in the 1970s. So I went out today looking for photo reference, of a dusty, old school neighborhood in Puerto Penasco with a stray Mexican dog crossing the street. I didn't have to look far:

Why did the Mexican dog cross the street?

   It's just good business.

   Not far from there I ran across this vaquero coming down the street. This is not faked or prompted in any way. He really stood up in the saddle and rode past us. I shot this right out the window as we drove by:

High Five Rider

   Rocky Point has great restaurants and yesterday we ate at one of our favorites, high up on the point with a spectacular view of the entire town and beaches.

Grouper Girl High On A Hill

   Heading home tomorrow. It's been fun but are done.

   Jim Cross sent me newsstand rack position for True West magazine at Albertson's at 19th Ave and Northern in Phoenix, Arizona. Face out and he didn't move it. Thanks Jim.

True West magazine, face out
at Albertsons (bottom row, right)

"To be original, write from the body…from how it experiences existence. The body
never lies. Sometimes the head is lazy."
—Red Shuttleworth

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