Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mexican Soup Jokes That Make Me Happy

February 29, 2020
   Lots going on, some of which I am actually in control of.

Geronimo Never Surrender Tour

   I'm rounding up campfire light reference, like this:

   Notice the blue outline on the middle face. Must be a trained spot light (this is a movie still). Interesting juxtaposition between blues and campfire orange. That's where I'm trying to go here:

Daily Whip Out:
"Blue Rim Campfire Lighting"

Daily Whip Out:
"More Campfire Rim Lighting"

   More studies to follow. Meanwhile. . .

Mexican Soup Jokes That Make Me Happy

   Waiter, this soup is cold.

   It’s Gazpacho.

   Gazpacho, this soup is cold.

The Bright Side of Plagues
   To me, the semi-satisfying thing about an outbreak that requires people not to leave their homes for 90 days is it means the only ones to survive will be freelance writers.

   Like many of us who dream of cashing in and moving out on the desert, the Mojave have an answer for that: 

"That's what you think you want. What you really want is to die and keep on living. You want to run away from life to a place that you have named the desert. There is no such place."
—Massayesva, Mojave medicine man

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