Friday, February 21, 2020

Home of The Exposed Rebar & The Razz Revue Redux Extravaganza

February 21, 2020
   One of the things I love about Mexico is this:

Mexico: Home of the Exposed Rebar

   So a dune buggy pulls up to the beach next to our condo and these horn players get out and start playing triplets while a guy sings into a phone. I swear, it sounded like the start of a noir movie. I had to go down and take their picture.

La Banda del Charko
on Sandy Beach, Mexico

   Speaking of snot-nosed musicians, Gary Billey has renovated this old 1977 video:

The Razz TV Special

   Check it out.

"The artist's job is to be witness to his time in history."
—Robert Rauschenberg

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