Thursday, February 06, 2020

The First "House" In Charleston, Arizona

February 6, 2020
   We get some interesting letters from observant readers. This is one of them.
Drunken Sign Painter?
   In your January 2020 'Collector's Edition" you have a picture of a watering hole owned by one J.W. Steward (attached). But the sign above the door reads, "J.W. Swart." Did he simply run out of room or what? LOL.

A loyal Reader,
Gary L. Sowers
Redding, California

J.W. Swart's Saloon in Charleston, A.T.
(that's Richard Gird's house, at left, in background)

"Artist are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."
—D. W. Winnicott

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