Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Best Part of Yoga And The Future King of The Campfire Light

February 27, 2020
 Working on the May issue of True West. Also had a phone conference with our editor, Stuart Rosebrook, our Production Manager Robert Ray and our Art Director Dan The Man Harshberger, about pushing out farther on cover ideas. Talked about a variety of cover concepts including images of the usual suspects: Custer, Carson, Curly, Captain Call and Lorena Wood Parker (Diane Lane). Oh, and Zapata, and Virgil Earp in Prescott.

   Went home for lunch and worked on another campfire scene.

Daily Whip Out: "On Guard Sequence"

   Still learning how to handle campfire light, but at this rate, by the time I'm eighty-five, I predict I'll be the King of The Campfire Light.

   Mark my words.

   Here for no other reason other than I dig this guy and his mule, is Lee Anderson on his favorite, long-eared mount.

   This was the lead up to our Mighty Mule issue, which is still one of my favorite issues we have ever done. And we have done hundreds of issues

"People keep telling me to do yoga. I tried it once at the place down the street. The only part I like was the part at the end when the teacher covered you with a blanket and you got to pretend you were dead for ten minutes."
—Jenny Offill, "Dept. of Speculation"

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