Friday, February 14, 2020

Moon Over The Crow's Nest

February 14, 2020
   After a crazy, hectic couple of months, we have had a few nice, quiet days on the home front.

Moon Over The Crow's Nest

   One of my pet peeves in Westerns is that invariably everyone is wearing the same style hat, and often the same size hat (same brim, same curl, etc). This is usually because they come from one hatter, or wardrobe tends to stock the same kind of "cowboy" hat. Well, take a look at these gents in the wild.

Hayden Survey, 1871

   And look at the crown on the clown sitting down. Ha. Sorry, I'm being too harsh. He is not really a clown, but, you have to admit, a rodeo clown from 1956 would be very excited to find a hat with a crown like this.

   Meanwhile, we are doing an insightful piece on what war does to kids. Or, more specifically, how brutal 19-year-olds are. Case in point:

When Boys Go to War

Imagine the things this boy has seen.

Prairie Rose Rising

And now for something completely different:

Arizona Diamond Fields

   Which were a complete fraud by the way. But, welcome to Arizona, home of the big con job.

This is an update on the Ds updating their Christmas card and finding the same saguaro they posed under back in 1978. We made a special trip down to the Eastside Saguaro National Monument in December but we couldn't find this monster. Now Darlene found these pictures taken at the same time that point more towards the campsite, picnic area of the park. Hmmmm.

BBB at Janey's

"We still have dreams, but we know now that most of them will come to nothing. And we also most fortunately know that it really doesn't matter."
—Raymond Chandler, in a letter to Charles Morton, October 9, 1950               

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