Sunday, February 23, 2020

Another Corner Another Dog

February 23, 2020
   Last day on the beach. Had fun, we're done.

Mexican Murals On The Road to Choya Bay

Another Intersection, Another Dog

   Kathy wanted to see and buy pots, so we went here.

"Pots Galore"

   Last breakfast on the beach.

Cowgirl In The Sand Redux

   I finished reading "The Big Goodbye" and Boy Howdy was it a downer. I admired all those boys—and they were boys—Nicholson, Evans, Towne and Polanski, and man did they ever go through the wringer to make "Chinatown" and, then, after their victory lap, things really got ugly. Somber beach reading, a warning tale to all of us who dreamed of being filmmakers. The author, Sam Wasson, has some choice quotes in the book and this is one of them:

"Longing on a large scale is what makes history."

—Don LeLillo

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