Thursday, February 13, 2020

Standing On A Saguaro In A Desert Called Sonora

February 13, 2020
   Here's a photo that makes me happy:

Standing On A Saguaro

   Standing on a saguaro in a desert called Sonora, such a fine sight to see. It's two dudes on the arms who jumped up there from a flat bed Ford. I know, it needs work, but take it easy on me.

The Duke of Dust vs. Mr. Mud
   One of the aspects of my artistic journey is the wrestling match I constantly have between letting go and holding on, or as those .38 Special rockers put it, "hang on loosely." Two cases in point:

And then there's this:

   Overworked and overwrought, the Duke of Dust vs. Mr. Mud, that is the story of my life in that arena. I take some solace in the words of Miles Davis.
"Do not fear mistakes—there are none."

—Miles Davis

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