Sunday, February 02, 2020

Best Damn Billy For Now And A Laughing Navajo

February 2, 2020
   When I give history talks I often get this question: "Don't you run out of things to write about?"

   The inference is: once you tell what happened in a moment of history, that tale has been been neatly tucked into bed and eventually one would run out of "new" things to talk about. 

  My answer to that naive notion is shocking to some people: "Nothing changes more than the past."

Daily Whip Out: "Best Damn Billy"

   I've made a lot of runs at that Bonney boy, but this one is my best.

Daily Whip Out: "Elena"

   Just saw this.

Nasja Begay (smiling) and Zane Grey, 1913

   Great image, especially because it shows a Navajo laughing. Every Native American I have ever met has a great sense of humor. This shows that clearly. And it captures the humanity. Thank you Zane Grey's West Society

Here's a good guy, plugging a good book:

Stan Husted Loves This Book

"Try to stop comparing your insides to the outside of others."

—Anne Lamont

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