Saturday, August 29, 2020

Our Newest Saguaro Needs A Name

 August 29, 2020

    We need to name our new saguaro.

25 Holes In My Saguaro, Oh-oh

   So, perhaps something off of the holes?

With One Hole Going Clear Thru

   Which prompted Jeff Mariotte to offer this as a name:

Al Capp's Parody of Dick Tracy:
"Fearless Fosdick"

   And what does a Cooper's Hawk eating his lunch on my studio awning-brace think of this name?

"Neh. Not thrilled about it."

   By the way, that's a baby pack rat he's having for lunch. Let me know if any other names come to mind for our new saguaro.

"Do people actually name saguaros?"

—Some Prickly Pear

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  1. I have two:
    1. Buck, short for Buckshot
    2. Juan from the old golf joke, "A Hole in Juan."


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