Friday, August 28, 2020

Welcome to Cactusland, Part II

 August 28, 2020

   Today marks a new chapter in a magical place we call "Cactusland." That place, according to our first grandson, Weston Allen, is where the Gooses live. That would be his grandparents, or, Mr. and Mrs. Goosenstein, as Thomas Charles is fond of styling it.

   Anyway, after the big fire obliterated almost everything from our front door to Ratcliff Ridge, we decided, with the help of State Farm, to do something to make it less, well, depressing looking. Thus we met this scene at the end of our driveway this morning.

Entranceway Sentinel Number 1 Has Landed

   Of course, we had the best landscaper in the entire territory helping us.

The Queen of Cactusland Rennovation

Allie Baker

   It was cloudy this morning so the temperature was in the high nineties when they planted the first one, but by the time they came back to install the second one, it was a blistering 105 degrees. Don't know how these kids can work outside in this but they do it, all day, every day, without complaint. I went out take this commemorative photo and needed to be carried back inside.

The Cactusland Crew
Not really. But you get the point.

   I asked Allie to make sure the saguaros had "personality," and boy did she ever deliver on that. 

   Hint: gaping holes galore (one clean thru!). It's probably due to one of the three Bs: Boy Scouts, birds or buckshot. Or, it could be all three. Close up mug shots tomorrow.

"Every scar, every bullet hole only made me love those bad boys even more."

—Ex-Boy Scout From Kingman, Arizona, Don't Forget Winona

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