Friday, April 15, 2022

Bozecard Reaction, Black Bart Winger & Sarah Brava

 April 15, 2022

   Got this today about one of the Bozecards I sent out earlier this week. 

Roy Comiskey's desk today

"I'm a retired editorial art director, artist and a bit of a collector. I have placed your postcard in my studio. Looking forward to reading the humor issue. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it."

—Roy Comiskey

The Kid Who Winged Charles Bolton

This is Jimmy Rolleri, above, who got plucky with his hunting rifle and winged one Charles Bolton which indirectly brought to an end the long reign of the legendary stage robber Black Bart. That story, with new details, is coming out in a forthcoming book by a certain best selling author and historian whose initials are J.B. and we will have that on the cover of True West as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned.

And speaking of potential covers. here's one of my favorite feisty females who really does belong on a cover.

Daily Whip Out: "Sarah Brava Mug Shot"

And here's a vivid description of her.

"She slew a Mexican who cut her across the cheek with his saber. She boasts a large scar on her cheek from this wound. She appears here modest and womanly not withstanding her great size and attire. She has on a crimson velvet waist, a pretty riding skirt and her head is surmounted by a gold laced cap of the Second Artillery. She is carrying pistols and a rifle. She reminds me of Joan of Arc and the days of chivalry."

—Sylvester W. Matson, a soldier at Fort Webster, in 1852, describing "The Great Western"

Ooops. Forgot to add the scar.

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