Friday, April 22, 2022

Women In Charge

 April 22, 2022

    We are hard at work, getting into the layouts for our book on the Real Women of the Wild West. Here is one of the sidebars we will be covering:

Cradleboard Love

   And, then there's this:

Daily Whip Out: "One Tough Broad"

   And we'll be featuring this wonderful gal:

Daily Whip Out: "The Great Western"

   Not to mention this Santa Fe Beauty:

Daily Whip Out: "Las Tules"

   Yes, we are going to have some fun with this book. The upshot is that there has been a sea change since these women fought for the right to be in charge of their own destiny. And their victory is breathtaking. There's only one slight problem for me.

Women in Charge

   So, one of the disappointments for me is that our most recent reader's poll (2015) shows our readership is still in the range of 86% male and 14% female. From the beginning I have encouraged female voices in the magazine, but the numbers have not budged. Contrast this with the report, from Stuart, that by his estimation, all the history groups he's involved with are now at least 60% women. So, why the disconnect? Why aren't True West readership rates skewing more female?

"Women don't need to be in front to know they're in charge."

—Stuart Rosebrook

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