Saturday, April 23, 2022


 April 23, 2022

   A friend of mine, Steve Todd, recently sent me photos of his travels in the Big Bend area and one photo, in particular, caught my attention. It showed the entrance to Fort Leaton (which is south of Presidio),  giving way to the courtyard and the egress on the opposite side of the fort. The stacking of geometric shapes in a Russian doll sort of way, inspired me.

Daily Whip Out: "Spotted"

The 6-Minute Graduation Exit Interview

   I just now finished "The 6-Minute Diary" and it was a joy to complete, basically it involved being grateful in the morning and in the evening. At the end of the book there are these exit interview questions. Kind of a graduation exercise. Loved this one.

• If you could direct a movie based on your life, what would be the plot in one sentence? And who would play you?

An Exit's Exit

"A small town kid captures the past on a road trip to Hell! Starring Timothee Chalomet, that little skinny guy with no chest hairs."

Timothee Chalomet

   An incredible likeness. Boy Howdy.

BBB as a freshman at MCUHS

"Indeed, one of the ultimate advantages of an education is simply coming to the end of it."

—B.F. Skinner

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