Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Three Artistic Amigos In Santa Fe & The Norsky Girl On The Flying Merkel

 April 5, 2022

   Well, time flies when you own an art gallery. Or, used to own an art gallery called Due West in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Art Opening of The Bang Gang
(Ouch! that didn't age well!)
Thom Ross, BBB and Buckeye Blake
April 4, 2011

   God bless you Thom Ross for making the effort and the investment. Look at these three semi-starving artists! Crazy. Love the pocket protector, Kid.   

The Norsky Girl On The Flying Merkel

A Flying Merkel Motorcycle 1911-1915

   She didn’t look the part. In fact, she was very shy and staid, some would even say, a "Spinster" type. And nobody in their mildest dreams would have thought of Minnie as a speedster, shooting down the corn row roads near Algona, Iowa at a whopping 25 miles per hour! But she had a bee in her bonnet and she was on a lutafisk and leftsa mission and lord help the highway patrolman who tried to stop her!

"Never ask a woman eating ice cream straight out of the carton how she's doing."

—A Male Survivor Saying

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