Friday, December 16, 2022

Digging Out In Deadwood, Digging It In Cave Creek

 December 16, 2022

   And we thought it was cold in Arizona.

Rose Speirs Digs Out

Here's Rose Speirs, Communications Director at Deadwood History, trying to dig out of her driveway on Wednesday after three feet of snow fell. Then, Rose tells me, they proceeded to get another foot of snow! No thanks.

   Funny who you meet at El Encanto. Kathy and I had lunch at the popular tourist Mexican food spot in Cave Creek yesterday. As we were settling up the bill, these two came and sat in the next booth.

Hyatt Pfiefer and Emily at El Encanto

   When they were growing up, our daughter Deena and Hyatt had a crush on each other. As she puts it, "He's the kid who, in kindergarten, brought me a flower on the bus."

Daily Whip Out:

"Makin' Tracks to Fort Apache"


Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:

"Seri Bruja (Witch)"

   I feel a necessity to move, to get going and not wait for anything.

Act On It Right Now

"Necessity is absolute truth. Necessity is what in fact happens when we act. This truth is known—and can only be known when we take action into the depth and breadth of our world and brave its reaction. This reaction is the truth of our existence at that precise moment, no matter what we believed the moment before. Necessity is what must and does actually happen, as opposed to probability, which is what we hope or expect to happen."

—Robert McKee, "Story"

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