Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Opening Comments for Wickenburg

December 13, 2022

   Drove over to the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg this morning. Stunning clouds the entire way. Threatened to snow, all day. Full house at the museum learning center for Jana's and my talk on The Real Women of The Wild West. Here is my opening statement: 

   "We have a problem as a nation, as a community and as citizens of the United States. It threatens to destroy us. If you love history, we need to tell better stories. Tell better stories where people who disagree cooperate to achieve a higher goal. That's what's missing in the social landscape today.  And that is what Jana and I have set out to do. Tell honest stories about the real women of the Wild West who deserve to be celebrated."

Night Clouds at the Triple B Ranch Entrance

   We sold three cases of books, so I guess you could say they got the message. Just really, really successful. In fact, now the problem is we don't have enough available books to do our January-February dates and a second edition is six weeks out. A good problem for sure, but there you go.

"There's nothing more futile than trying to explain a cartoon to someone who doesn't get it."

—Lee Lorenz, cartoon editor at The New Yorker, (1973-1997)

  This is a cartoon by Lee Lorenz, above, proving he could walk the walk. I especially like the detail of the semi-empty theater. I can't remember the last time I was in a full theater.

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