Friday, December 09, 2022

Wyatt Earp, Daniel Boone, Chief Joseph And The Girl With The Blue Tattoo Score Big

 December 9, 2022

   Still compiling best selling covers for a big pow wow on Monday where we will be selecting cover images for our 70th Year Anniversary. For example, this was our best seller in the last three years.

   We fought over that subhead and in the end went with two sentences, diametrically opposed to each other. Our motto has always been, "The truth, warts and all."

   And this one also scored big numbers across the board.


   Excellent cover story by Paul Andrew Hutton, plus a stellar feature inside by Art T. Burton on The Cherokee Kid.

   Here's another solid performer, including the top head story on Little Bighorn's Forgotten Hero by Robert M. Utley.

And we always score big with our Mountain Man covers.


       And, here is one that took us all by surprise.

   A brilliant composite cover image by our art director Dan The Man Harshberger, who combined a photo of a young Mojave woman with a prim portrait of Olive Oatman to make a stunning facsimile of what she may have looked like as a Mojave captive. This was a stellar issue that sold very well and I attribute it to this cover.

" They say you can't judge a book by its cover but you damn sure can buy one off the newsstand by judging it in 1.5 seconds."

—Old Newsstand Saying

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