Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Greatest Organizer I Have Ever Known Is Stepping Back

 December 11, 2022

   My longtime curator, Kristi Jacobs, is stepping back from her daily duties as keeper of the chaos key at the Triple B Studios. She has managed to organize and label many, if not most—certainly in the thousands!—of the Daily Whip Outs I have created into an orderly system she has managed to wrangle over a ten year period.

   Into that breech steps this young man, Eric Griggs, who came out last Saturday to help me mail off some art print orders.

Eric & Uno Wade Into The Chaos

       Utilizing Kristi, on speaker phone, he was able to locate the following requested scenes from my morgue.

Daily Whip Out: "Coal Black Stud"

Daily Whip Out: "Ojos Rides In"

Daily Whip Out: "Visibility Zero"

Daily Whip Out:
"Agatha Peak In Dust Storm"

Daily Whip Out:
"Dust Storm Over Black Hawk"

   And then, almost defying gravity, Eric managed to locate this ancient illustration from a land far, far away.

   Donna Jean and Honkytonk Sue make a toast

at Handlebar J's in Scottsdale, circa 1987.

Couple of cuties who still live in the hearts of horndog men everywhere.

   Meanwhile, on the cover front. . .

   "Thank you for sharing these last two posts with us. The psychology of a cover that sells vs. one that doesn't is fascinating. So much work goes into a magazine that we take for granted, thank you and your staff for their hard work and dedication- we fans of the west truly appreciate it! Let's see more of these covers-winners and losers!"

—Bradley Ross

   Yes, coming up next, the outrageous covers that nobody, especially my staff, thought I had the nerve to actually put on the newsstand. There were many, this is just one:

A Dead Man On The Cover? 

   Oh, yes. A lot of people didn't want this on their coffee table, including my wife. You know what they say in tennis: go to the net, or stay behind the baseline. Don't get caught in the middle. Well, this certainly isn't in the middle!

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize."

—Robert Hughs

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  1. Only thing that comes to mind is "AMEN." Larry Gay May cause an entirely new cult following ...


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