Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1, 2007 Bonus Blog
Drove down below Carefree Highway at lunchtime and picked up six chicks from a woman Kathy met in Aerobics Class. A couple months ago, J.D. helped me build a mini-condo inside the chicken house for these newbies. The pen inside a pen is so the two old hens I have won't kill them all. I read somewhere that if you bring in new chickens in the night, while the regulars are asleep, and place the new chickens beside them, that in the morning the old chickens will think the new chickens have been there all along. Not sure if chickens are really that stupid, or if that works with little chicks.

Anyway, drove them home and put them in the little condo, gave them water and scratch feed. They are a special breed (Spice Girls, or soemthing?). Need to call the woman back and get the info.

News From The Tomcat In Peru
"Hey dudes. Everything's good here. Been busy working in the high school covering a teacher's classes. I had nothing planned so I just started pulling stuff out my [patootie] and ended up talking about the Navajos and Apaches. Being Indians they seemed really interested. I've also been communicating with a institute in colorado that has a sweet survey I'd like to use on drugs and alcohol. I decided I needed something that was already standardized since the research I'd be doing would be quasi experimental."
—Thomas Charles

Thomas knows quite a bit about Apaches. In 1994 I was hard at work on a Geronimo book, and he and Deena accompanied me on a fact-finding trip through San Carlos, to Fort Thomas, to K-13 Butte, to Guadalupe Canyon to the Warm Springs Agency (north of Monticello, New Mexico), and to the Mescalero res to interview one of Geronimo's grandsons, and back, talking about the Apaches all the way.

Here's a photo of me hard at work on that book, taken that same summer:

Although I still haven't published the book (Charlie Waters edited the entire 350 page manuscript in 1994 and is still waiting to get paid!), it's nice to know some of that research came in handy for a Peace Corp volunteer in Peru.

"If you see 'Pache sign, be careful. If you don't see 'Pache sign, be even more careful."
—Old Arizonan Saying

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