Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007 Bonus Blog
In meetings all morning, going over our proposed new True West Preservation Society. Lots of details and planning. Broke at noon and went to lunch with Bob Brink and Ken Amarisano at Tonto Bar & Grill. Lucky to have them both. Very talented guys who make me look good.

More sketches for the Not So Secret Top Secret Project. Noodling action blur and layout tones. Learning.

Sometimes we study history so closely we forget our own history and our place in it. Gee, I wonder if Herman has anything to say about this?

"We forget that we ourselves are a part of history, that we are the product of growth and are condemned to perish if we lose the capacity for further growth and change. We are ourselves history and share the responsibility for world history and our position in it. But we gravely lack awareness of this responsibility."
—Herman Hesse

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