Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1, 2007
Time flies when you're having fun. Hard to believe this year is almost history. Woke up at 6:15 (going backwards on the Swami Lifestyle!), although I dreamed I woke up at 4. Ha.

Yesterday we got two big boxes from Amazon, and among the numerous books was the Swami one (The Fall Of The Human Intellect). I read most of it last night, and I am disappointed. It's really more of a pamphlet, and goes on way too long about intelligence vs. intellect, although to be fair, that is the title of the book! He does talk a bit about the three stages of being awake:

Tamas: Inactive

Rajas: Active

Sattva: Trans-active

Tamas is allegedly the state of our thoughts in inertia (Slug-ville), and Rajas is the state of "agitated thoughts" (being at work) and Sattva, which is contemplative, objective and serene is the prime time mental state. According to the Swami, Rajas predominates from 6 AM to 6 PM, Tamas crops up from 6 PM to 4 AM (TV time!), and the sliver of a window when one is the most creative is 4 AM to 6 AM—it's Sattva Time Baby! And Man, was I creative this morning. Too bad I don't remember it. Ha.

Other Books In The Box

Exit Ghost, by Philip Roth (started it last night after the Swami letdown, really good, i.e. Roth)

Water For Elephants, by Sara Gruen (Kathy's books until further notice)

The Last American Man, by Elizabeth Gilber

Anger: Wisdom for Cooling The Flames, by Thich Nhat Hanh

Cracking The Gre Psychology Test, by Princeton Review (for Thomas, of course)

Getting In: A Step-By-Step Plan For Gaining Admission To Graduate School In Psychology (ditto)

A Site For Sore Eyes
"Unless we both are in parallel internet universes, I tried to go to True West Preservation site (sounded like a worthy and importnant cause) but alas got one of those listing sites. Is the site not up, or available??"
—John B. Olthoff

Yes, the site will be up in time for the next issue of True West, which is when the ad will appear. Should be cranking in about two weeks. Thanks for caring enough to check it out. We are excited about the Preservation Society and have big plans for walking the walk.

"Nothing fruitful ever comes when plants are forced to flower in the wrong season."
—Bette Bao Lord

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