Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2, 2007
Went down to the Aaron Bros. Art Store at Desert Ridge last night and bought every sketchbook they had (5) plus five tubes of Gouache paint (a small tube of Cerulean Blue is $19.99!), Calli black ink and a Winsdor Newton No. 8 brush ($11.49). Total: $164.60 (biz account).

Showed Kathy the new chickens. They are a breed called "Spirited Silkies," and they are from China. We may try the midnite brooding switheroo on the two hens tonight. Hope it works.

Started a new sketchbook at seven this morning. Still outside the Swami Time Zone, but nonetheless, I felt focused and semi-serene. Reviewed the last two sketchbooks over breakfast and made notes on passages and elements I need to develope. Culled a handfull of photo and art reference from my morgue.

Bob Boze Bee Gee?
"BBB: I am sitting here at work in The Dark Tower and going through your blog and saw your Nov 1 entry with a 1994 Polaroid photo and I said to myself 'I never knew Maurice Gibb lived in Cave Creek.' Oh, its autumn in Phoenix. 93 degrees outside and Im watching the 8th game of the NFL season with my a/c running. I love the change of colors during this time, it goes from brown and green, to green and brown. Managing the New York Yankees is like dating Pamela Anderson. You know theres a guy behind you whose gonna take your place, but what an opportunity! Check out Hoax, movie about Clifford Irving in those crazy 70's, Richard Gere is actually fantastic in this film. Froggy Hauna-out!"
—Minnesota Mike

"He deserves paradise who makes his companions laugh."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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