Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November 28, 2007
Our Managing Editor, Meghan Saar, is back in the office and she is catching up on everything. She emailed me this morning and said, "Who's stupid idea was it to discontinue the blog?"

Well, that would be me. Ha. Here's another opinion:

"BBB: OK I've kept quiet as long as I can. First, because I'm afraid I might give you a reason to give up the blog; second, because I thought Darryl may run out of steam. Mostly I have to say you are probably the least liberal artist I ever met. I agree sometimes you have opinions that seem to come out of left field but in the end they are justified( or at least make sense). I feel that sums it up."
—Kip Coryea

More Sketches From The World's Least Liberal Artist

Or, as Sherry Monihan puts it, "more sketches for the Not So Secret Top Secret Project." Still experimenting with the thick-lined border. Like all things, it's a matter of balance. Too much and it is ruined (you'll see this in tomorrow's sketches). Just like life, eh?

When I was doing cartoons for New Times in the early eighties, I had just become a dad and, like new dads everywhere, I was suffering under the delusion that no other father in the history of the world had ever had kids before. Ha. As proof of my ridiculousness, here's an almost full page illustration of my daughter Deena (caption: "Sunset on a Beautiful Genius") that ran in the alternative weekly in 1983, or so. The baby at top is Carson Mell, Ed and Gail Mell's son, who actually had a tiger skin baby suit like the one shown:

"There are two people you have to be true to—those people who came before you and those people who come after you."
—Gayl Jones

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