Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30, 2007 Bonus Bonus Bonus Blog
Started raining, drizzling really, at about 11:30. A big semi delivered several pallets of the Source Book but the trucking company our printer in Kansas City, hired, wouldn't deliver inside. So Carole, Joel, Michelle and I ran out in the rain and helped the driver cart two pallets up the ramp and into the office. The flustered driver had to make his next stop at the Prescott Post Office at three and couldn't wait any longer, so we left the rest of the mags on the truck and up the hill he went. Need to sort this out with our rep (Banta was bought out by RR Donnelley late last year).

Carole and I went up to Carefree for lunch and ate at China Joy. Felt good to have hot tea and soup. We had the restaurant to ourselves, which is fun, but now that I own a business, I always worry about the owners and their overhead. Carole bought, which helped my overhead. (in bed)

Speaking of weather, one of the doubletrucks I did for New Times back in the eighties was "Monsoon Fashions," featuring my suggestions for what to wear during our late summer storms which annually blow major dust and mosty verga (rain that doesn't reach the ground) on our clothes and in our hair. Here's the lead illustration:

And the layout for the newspaper, which also ran in Low Blows, the first of two cartoon books featuring the best of my New Times stuff:

In spite of what I have learned from McKee on the guidelines for good story writing, there are those who don't buy it. Got an email from Will Shetterly warning me McKee has his detractors. And I imagine the more successful a book like this is, and the more screenwriters emulate the "rules," the more commercial stories and movies start to lockstep and seem too much the same. This, of course, allows some "genius" to break all the rules, or at least redefine what works (naked exposition is so hip now!).

Gee, I wonder what Tommy Lee has to say about this?

"I've read all the acting books, and I know what they mean when they write, but I don't think what they write has a lot of meaning."
—Tommy Lee Jones

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