Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20, 2007
Big discussions this morning with Kathy, Bob and Trish Brink about continuing this blog. Then I checked my email, and got this:

"BBB: You write a blog?!"
—Tom Carpenter

I will miss the humor. My biggest problem is I get manic. I enjoy doing the blog and I look up and it's 11:30, which is exactly what happened this morning. Now it's not all Blog-ville, and there are meetings in there (arguing about the pros and cons of the blog) and tours (A True West Maniac from northern Alberta just came in with his wife and her sister and I gave them the tour of the True West offices, and he had questions about where Glenn Reynolds and Al Sieber are buried), but it eats up a ton of time and I go home at night and wonder where the time goes and too much of my time is spent on this blog.

Meanwhile, the garage is still a mess and I need to get it organized, but I keep finding these little gems. Like this one:

This cartoon (which is part of a New Times doubletruck that won me the 1983 Arizona Press Club Editorial Cartoonist of The Year Award) was about how Native Americans can succeed in a white man's world. The basic advice: tell good jokes. If I remember correctly, the white guy, second from left, was modeled after Kemper Marley, the old school liquor magnate who, many believe, ordered the killing of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles in June of 1976.


But I digress. One thing that is amazing to me, is the farflung locations where all the blog readers are writing from. Here's one from a Canada Cowboy:

"Seeing your blog each day lets me know how the horses feel when they see me coming to feed them in the morning.
Now I know I could live without your 'to the point and sometimes hard to digest comments' but I'd rather not have to.
If it does come down to the worst case scenario, please leave Email Bob at the top of the page!"
—Bill Dunn

At least all of you can read. When the Top Secret Writer and I were working on the graphic novel last weekend I told him about a guy who came up to me at my book signing at End of Trail last summer and said, "I can't read your books. I've tried. I like movies." And he walked away. I told Paul, "Here I make my books as visual as possible. They're written for ADD aflicted guys like me, and I still can't reach some of these guys."

The rest of the weekend, whenever we were stuck, or arguing over a plot point, Paul would go into a "Rainman" voice (Hutton is a master at mimicry) and say, "Baub Bo Bel, I can't read yor books. Words too big. I like movies, Baub Bo Bel."

"No man is useless while he has a friend."
—Robert Louis Stevenson

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