Monday, November 05, 2007

November 3, 2007
Worked on a half dozen scratchboards for specific scenes on the Mickey Free project. The Top Secret writer sent me an early twentieth century photograph of "Apache Kid Cave" and I loved the POV of the scene and have big plans for this "hideout."

Went up to Black Mountain Feedstore at 11 to buy a chicken feeder. They didn't have one so went down the street to their competitors and bought one ($10, plus $10 for doggy snacks, cash). Buddy Boze Hatkiller went with me and does this yoga twisting thing where he sits facing away from the door, but cranes his neck all the way around to get the nose whiff, out the window. Really funny looking, but then he's a funny dog.

Kathy and I went into Scottsdale at four to see a movie. Picked "Dan In Real Life," with Steve Carell ($14 cash, plus $7.50 for popcorn, cash). Movie was sweet and Man, that Juliette Binoche is a beauty.

Afterwards we went over to Abuelo's for dinner ($30 plus $6 tip, cash). Beautiful night, sat outside. Had the green chile stew and a house margarita. Okay.

Came home and watched half of the screenwriter's commentary on Pirates of The Carribean. A full report later.

"Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting."
—Christopher Morley

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