Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007
Still wrestling with the blog and whether to continue. Got this today:

"Everything changes, Bob. So must you."
—Fred Nolan

And this:

"Dang it Bob Boze Bell! I have your Blog on my Yahoo home page, and actually look forward to your commentary and insight every day. I’ve followed the 3:10 to Yuma and Assassination of Jesse James (still not released in Florida) discussions with much interest. Plus, I believe this is one of the very best advertisements, both for True West and your books, that you can have. Frankly, I probably wouldn’t have purchased CGIII unless I had read about it in your blog. Now I’m going to have to purchase CGI and II to complete my set. The old cartoons are hilarious! Best, as always, whatever your decision. I’m a 'True' Fan – and have been since my teen years in ‘60’s Oklahoma."
—Jim Holden, Weston, FL

And I got this from an attorney:

"Bob, I spend my days charging people for advice. So here is some free advice for a fellow MCUHS colleague. There is another choice between choice # 1 of stopping the blog and choice # 2 of continuing the blog daily. Choice # 1.5 is to do a summary blog once per week during the weekend.

"Caution -- remember, advice is worth about what you pay for it."
—Ben E. Connor, The Connor Law Firm, PLC
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Meanwhile, here's two pieces of art I found in the garage. It's my son Thomas Charles, just out of the womb in January of 1983, and wearing his dad's lid. This was the artwork for his birth announcement (Guess What We've Been Keeping Under Our Hat?):

And, if you are wondering what's up with Mickey Free and the Top Secret Project, here are the latest sketches (#5,209) and I must say they cover all of the new plot points we developed in Prescott:

"The future belongs to people who see possibilties before they become obvious."
—Ted Levitt

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