Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 6, 2007 Bonus Blog
Now that one of the Pirates' screenwriters said never use a "bookend" device, I am seeing them everywhere. As I mentioned Kathy and I watched the classic film noir Double Indemnity and there were a couple choice lines in the 1944 film. Fred MacMurray is the star and narrator, and he says in a dramatic voiceover, "he lived in one of those Spanish Colonial houses that were so popular twenty years ago and cost $30,000, assuming you can ever pay it off." Ha. The two story mansion, looked to be in the Hollywood Hills and is probably worth $3.5 million today (I'm just guessing at California's real estate). The other funny line is MacMurray meets the sexy Barbara Stywyck character and she purrs that she's a California native, and Fred says, "I thought a California native was someone from Iowa." Or, words to that effect.

Speaking of movies:

Another Good Western In The Works
"Just a quick note to tell you I was out in Santa Fe last week on the set of Appaloosa. I'm a little prejudiced since they rented a bunch of saddles and tack from me, but I think this is going to be a great show! Both Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris are wearing my gunbelts and they have the desire to do things right. Another good Western coming out to us!"
—David Carrico

It's A Smaller World After All
My son may be living the primitive life high in the Peruvian Andes, but he told his sister, by phone on Saturday, that one of his friends just got a dish and he was watching the ASU vs. Oregon game. Amazing.

Meanwhile, on Saturday I got an instant message from one of Tom's friends who's in Iraq. We chatted about the weather in both areas, and what he's missing (his dog and a pollo fundido from El Encanto), he's telling me he just got in from a mission (he's in the Marines), and I'm sitting in my studio in Cave Creek. Wild. Here's a snapshot of the machine gunner himself:

I'm not using his name because his father doesn't know he's manning the machine gun on their nightly runs. Yikes! Brave boys, all of them.

"Give me two steps."
—Lynard Skynard

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