Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 8, 2007 Bonus Blog
Had a speech at Kiwanis Club at the Arizona Country Club in downtown Phoenix at noon. Sold six books, food was actually quite good. Talked about our new Preservation Society and our plans. More on that later.

While I was searching for the Lippo And Pagoona boards this morning, I ran across a couple gigglers. The first is a spot illustration I did for editor Bud DeWald of Arizona Magazine fame (not to be confused with Arizona Highways, it was a Sunday insert magazine in The Arizona Republic for many years). This was the first freelance gig I landed after getting out of college and, of course, it was about growing up in a small town. This gag actually happened to me at the State Theatre in downtown Kingman. Because everyone knew everyone, if you were in the theatre and your mom called, the projectionist would slip a note on a piece of paper in the projector telling you to go home or meet your mom. Embarrassing to say the least, but it worked. Ruined the scene though, if the message wasn't for you.

I think I got $30 for the article. Times haven't changed much. Meanwhile, I did some pretty ambitious cartoons for New Times in my checkered tenure at the infamous "hippie paper." Here is a remarkably accurate rendition of the original Rolling Stones (check out Brian Jones higher than a kite). I can't remember why they are all floating but I dig the argyle socks on Bill Wyman. The balloon refers to the Stones changing the chorus to their hit "Let's Spend The Night Together" when they sang it live on the Ed Sullivan Show in about 1965. In my book that was a low moment in the critical streeet cred for the British band.

Going to see the final screening of No Country For Old Men tonight at Harkins 101.

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it emotionally."
—Flannery O'Connor

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