Monday, June 30, 2014

Billy The Bedwetter?

June 30, 2014

   Dan Harshberger continues to wow me with his postcard designs for the launch of The 66 Kid. Check it out:

With whitewall tires as big as wash tubs, and enough chrome to outfit a battleship, the Hugemobiles that lumbered down Route 66 in the 1950s were big and wide and were as graceful as an oil tanker going over Niagra Falls. So hop in, stand on the transmission hump (no seat belts for us!) and enjoy the view out of that wraparound windshield.

   And here's another one:

Don't Forget Winona!

   She is the mystery woman no one knows much about. She is, of course, the—Who?—punchline in Bobby Troup's classic tune "Route 66." No one has ever found her, but I came damn close. Details in The 66 Kid, the book I was born to write.

   Had visitors from New York all weekend. We took a hike over to the cave last night when it cooled down (to 98!).

Xavier and Crew in Cave

   Showed them some of my sketchbooks with the 10,000 bad drawings in them. Happened on this one, which I may use in my editorial "Billy The Bedwetter?"

How A Certain Family Therapist Views Billy the Kid

"It is better to be quotable than to be honest."
—Tom Stoppard