Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Raven, The Kiss And The Hat

June 22, 2014
   Here's an update, from an astute reader, on the "Big Bad Scottsdale Crow" I encountered at Hans Olson's studio last Friday:

More commonly refered to as   the 'common raven'.

 There is a lot of dispute about types of Ravens,
 but recent research DNA indicates at least 8 distictive

 Crows have narrower beaks, and are smaller than Ravens.
 Ravens rarely congregate. Crows always do. Ravens travel
 in mated pairs, so the 1 you saw  had a partner waiting

 Never saw a crow in the valley, but lots of Ravens. They winter
 over here, before heading North to the Flagstaff area when the temps
 get above 90F.

 If you like, when it starts to cool down (good luck with that!)
 MetroTech (used to be West High) has hosted nesting Ravens
 In their football field lighting structures.  They also eat lizards
 and other creatures they can catch in the 'Green area' on the
 West end of the campus.

 I've also seen them flying down the Osborn corridor, between
 19th ave and 15th ave.

 Probably more than you wanted to hear, but you asked for it.


The birthday party for Weston yesterday was a ton of fun and his new cowboy hat was quite a hit. This morning before his parents left for Cali Deena took a couple photos of the Hat Amigos:

"You talkin' to me?"

   One of the awkward parts of your married children visiting is catching them making out with their significant other in the hallway. This morning I caught a surreptitious kiss between Deena and Mike and cleared my throat loudly before adding in a mock-stern voice: "Hey, no making out in the house!"

   They laughed and Deena explained it was a "THANK YOU" kiss based on "actually agreeing about something." So, then Mike strikes a new pose to better illustrate that point in front of his father-in-law:

"Oh, hi Mr. Bell. Your daughter and I actually agree on something."

Funny boy, he is. And just in the nick of time. After they left I called our lawyer, Jerry Chessler, and cancelled the restraining order.

"No harm, no foul."
—Old Lawyer Saying