Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keep An Eye Out for Wonderful Russ

June 17, 2014
   Still cleaning in the garage and finding a whole bunch of crap, which I've gladly thrown away. But, every once in a while I find something that makes me smile.

Caption: "My hometown was so small, if you were at the movie and you got a message from home they would flash it on the screen."

   This was my very first cartoon idea that I ever sold. I sold a two-page spread to Bud DeWald, editor of Arizona Magazine that ran in the Sunday Arizona Republic, date on back says May 28, 1972.

  Of course, this was based on my Saturday's at the State Theater in Kingman, growing up. The notes would appear on the screen, flickering and jumping around. But it was effective. You'd see some crew cut head running up the aisle. We all laughed until the note for us appeared.

   I got paid $75 for the piece. I seem to remember I did five drawings. Here's one of the other pieces:

Caption: "My hometown was so small, when all the kids cruised town they could do it in one car."

   Here's a loosey goosey piece I whipped out for New Times, sometime in the eighties:

Lee Harvey Oswald Gets The Company Pink Slip

  Many people don't realize I was the campaign manager for Wonderful Russ when he ran for governor of Arizona back in 1974. Russ was a great candidate. He would fake like he only had one eye if it meant getting a vote or two.

Official slogan: Wonderful Russ for Governor: He Knows What Arizona Needs

  It was Arizona's loss when the voters of Arizona actually elected a guy who had only one eye.

"I'll be blasting California off into the ocean so Arizona can have a seacoast."
—One of the more practical promises Russ made during the campaign