Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hanging With Weston

June 8, 2014
   Had fun with Sir Weston this morning. He is standing, with support, and, after ripping up his rug (his parents bought him a detachable foam rug with letters and numbers that come apart like Legos) he pulled himself up at his bedroom window door and turned to "goo goo" me about going outside:

Weston with his blankie standing at the back door

  After breakfast, grandma and Deena went to Target and grandma Goose bought Weston a new toy.  Weston's parents drove us out to the Rose Bowl area and we visited the Kid Space Museum. Most of the play exhibits were a tad too old for him, but the parents and grandparents had fun. Afterwards we drove downtown Pasadena and had lunch at Verde Cafe. Sat outside on the sidewalk. A very pretty day. Food was good, had the boiled grapefruit, tortilla soup and a virgin mojito.

On the sidewalk in front of the Verde Cafe in downtown Pasadena.

Deena and Kathy, two peas in a pod.

After we got home, Weston's dad Mike put together the new toy, a Sand Castle Play Table. Mike put water in it and the boy played with it for a good hour:

Weston playing in the water. He was mighty intrigued by the water leak underneath (it's made to hold sand and not necessarily water) and seemed to be contemplating going under to fix it, which led to this quip by his father:

"I've got the right tools. Heart shaped shovel. Check. . ."
—Mike imitating Weston getting ready to under the new toy to fix the water leak