Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Staff Meetings From Hell

June 18, 2014

   Found some sketches I made of a New Times staff meeting back in the day:

New Times Staff Meeting Sketches, April 8, 1985

I asked Doug MacEachern (upper right, with the scowl) and he thinks "that’s Rand Carlson on the far left. Maybe Ruben Hernandez right below him. And Dewey Webb immediately opposite “Ruben.”
I think below “Ruben” that might be Christine Tchubb." Yes, Doug is correct. That's exactly who that is. The others are not clear. But what is clear and has not faded is how much I hated these meetings. Editor Mike Lacey would drag us over the coals trying to find story ideas. They just went on and on and it was excruciating. Hated 'em.

   Meanwhile, got back in the water with a concept from The 66 Kid, and whipped out a couple more sketches:

Beehives In The Wind study no. 9

   This was inspired by a certain ex-girlfriend that anyone from Kingman would recognize blind-folded. Took this visage, flopped it and transferred it to a patina board:

Daily Whipout, "Beehives In The Wind" study no. 10

   Still not quite there but at least we have flying dust and I like the necklace catching the wind. Need to get it more in this zone:

Beehive In The Wind Sketches #32

   I'll get it eventually. And yes, that's Michele Gilpin in there, among other classmates from our annual. Meanwhile, had a big meeting yesterday to go over next issue and our coverage on the new Billy the Kid photo. Got some great stuff. I love these meetings. Why?

"The only meetings I like are the ones I'm leading."
—Old Vaquero Leader Saying