Thursday, June 26, 2014

Billy Takes Shape

June 26, 2014
    I've been trying to get out on the road earlier for my daily walk to avoid the heat. Got up a five today and got out at about 5:45. It was nice and cool out and the sun was just tipping Elephant Butte. Saw this view up the road:

First Light On Morningstar

   Got back to the house and worked in the garage a bit trying to salvage art, but yet getting rid of weak stuff. Put two garbage cans out. I've probably thrown away at least 150 drawings and paintings. Tried to keep anything that I thought had potential.

Garage Update: Still A Ways to Go

    Yesterday, Kathy and I drove up to Prescott Valley to visit a friend of ours, a high school classmate of mine who has been hospitalized with cancer. Stopped to see the progress on the Billy the Kid sculpture at Bronzesmith. Deb Gesner is working on two smaller ones, a 28 inch version and a 14 inch version:

Billy Monument Project Update

A close-up on the 28 inch version

   Looking very good. Had a doctor's appointment in Scottsdale today (a clean bill of health) then drove over to Guidon to talk about books and a book signing for "The 66 Kid." Took a gander at the progress of the Scottsdale Museum of The West:

The Walls Are Rising at Scottsdale Museum of The West

   Had a meeting with the director and curator about using a whole bunch of True West Moments throughout the museum. Very exciting. Also met with the director of the Scottsdale Historical Society and we talked about a show we both want to do.

"The big secret in acting is listening to people."
—Eli Herschel Wallach