Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rough Old Birds

June 34, 2014
   One of the descriptions you often read about when old timers talk is the term "birds," as in, "You know, the Kid had no intention of letting those birds make it to Lincoln alive." Another variation you often come across is, "Those were some tough old birds." Thought of that when I whipped out this illustration for an upcoming True West Moment:

Rough Old Bird

   He looks like someone. Who is it? John Kinney? Burt Mossman? Also doing another True West Moment on this cat:

Massai Led The Raid That Stunned the Southwest

   Got up this morning and tweaked an old board that didn't make the book.

Daily Whipout: "Low Pants Vance"

   Also found the old separations for my second comic book on the Queen of Country Swing:

Honkytonk Sue color key (1979) cover art for the second comic book (yes, Kathy Sue was the model)

"We like in our writers the qualities we don't especially want in our friends—keen antennae for hypocrisy, a long memory for mistakes, a touch of cruelty."
—Sam Sacks