Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weston's First Cowboy Hat

June 21, 2014
   Quite a few people have asked me when I am going to buy my grandson, Weston Allen Bortscheller a real cowboy hat. His birthday is coming up (June 24) so I started to get serious about giving him something worthy last weekend.

   Weston himself said to me recently, "Hey Grandpa, when do I get a hat like yours?"

Weston wants to know when he gets a real bonified "Cowboy" hat.

   Well, last weekend I went up to Watson's Hat Shop in Cave Creek and I said, "I am willing to pay $1,000 to give my first grandson a series of hats until he turns ten, when he will be on his own to get his own hats." Weston's mother warned me, "If you buy him a hat it will be too small so quick and the first thing he will do is put it in his mouth."

   I didn't care. I walked into the hat shop prepared to pay big dollars to hat Weston's head. I bought a hat to get the ball rolling and brought it home. This morning, at approximately 9 a.m. I picked him up and put a Watson original hat on his head.

Weston gets his first bonified Cowboy Hat.

   Pics tomorrow.

"If everybody's wearing a big hat, ain't nobody wearin' a big hat."